I am a UX/UI designer focused on creating experiences that produce a positive impact on society and the environment. My ultimate goal is to get involved with organizations that are socially impactful or promote environmental sustainability.

Since I was a child, I have been captivated by art and design. My interests spanned from crafting collage art to making pottery. It was no surprise that I decided to follow this path professionally and earned a BFA in graphic art and design. While on this journey, I discovered that design was a tool that could speak to a specific audience. This is where my fascination with user-centered design began.

My print-based graphic design background has inspired my obsession with aesthetically pleasing designs that are not afraid of breaking the mold. In addition to design, humanitarian work is also a priority in my life. I have been involved with nonprofit and volunteer work since I was young, ranging from founding a mentorship program, to serving a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA. I learned how to understand human behavior on a deeper level, and how to creatively find solutions to help others in need. I draw on the diversity of my past experiences to help me create research-driven, user-centered design solutions that empathize with users’ needs.

In my free time, I enjoy designing album artwork for local bands, attending shows and concerts, and camping underneath the stars.

Feel free to reach out to me

I am available for freelance or full-time opportunities, both remote or in-house. I am also willing to relocate. You can find me on linkedin or email me at nsylvia90@gmail.com